Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery – Changing a data source on a metrics bar component


I  was working with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 2.3 and needed to change the data source on a few metric bar components.  The first thing I did was create an export of the community in a .lar file.  This was done under Control Panel –> Communities –> Actions –> Manage Pages –> Export/Import –> Export.

I tried changing the data souce under the Control Panel under Data Source Bindings.  I have used this method for other components so I figured the metrics bar component would be similar. 


When I went back to my metrics bar I saw I had a problem.  I got the dreaded “This component requires additional configuration”. warning.  


Inspecting the metrics bar component shows that the EQL is missing.


I restored my Endeca community using the import function and tried a different approach.  This time I went directly into the component and selected the drop down box and selected the new data source.  I hit Update data source button. I was disappointed to see the EQL disappeared.  I had an empty metrics bar component and the dreaded “This component required additional configuration”. 

I restored my Endeca community using the import function and tried a third approach.  This time I copied the EQL and saved it to a text file.  I also copied the Display Name of each of the metric bars and noted down the Format.

I updated the data source and the EQL disappeared.  This time I was prepared.   I re-entered my EQL and hit the Test EQL button.  Once that came back I hit the Load Metrics button.  Then I entered the Display Name and Format for each metric bar.  Success.  The data source was changed. The EQL and metrics bars were present for duty.  I did not miss seeing the “This component requires additional configuration”. warning.  


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