Saturday, August 11, 2012

Authentic Communication

I believe that clients truly appreciate when consultants are genuine, authentic, and avoid technical jargon or industry clich├ęs. To that end I am going to strive to be a more genuine and authentic in my communication style on future projects.

I will avoid pinging or reaching out to but expect me to follow up with an IM, call, email, have a face to face discussion, or schedule a meeting.

I will avoid talking to others about my bandwidth capacity or what's on my plate, but expect me to tell you the first available time I CAN help.

I will not hit the ground running, but expect me to come prepared as I can and try to be productive as soon as possible.

I will not think outside the box, but expect me to use experience and common practices as well as looking for opportunities to be creative, innovative, and consider new methods and technologies when designing solutions.

I will not architect a solution nor use the word architect as a verb but you can expect me to design and implement solutions to solve business problems.

I will not carve out time, but expect me to look for the next available time in my calendar.

I will not leverage things, when I can simply use things.

I will avoid talking about drinking kool-aid, but will question when there seems to be a blind, uncritical acceptance of a business practice or technology.

I will not refer to other human beings as a resource. You can expect me to recognize the dignity of each person and treat all my business partners, colleagues, and clients as I would want anybody in my organization to treat our very best customer.